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What makes Luxury Homes so unique?
Dynamic architecture? Design and unique construction?

Let's look at Luxury...
A few perspectives....
When asked what he thinks makes a home luxury he told us it “stands out above rest. It could be exquisite finishes, a dazzling location, breathtaking views, but it's really the quality of the construction and how it presents itself to the public. And that the public perceives it's a special property.”

“To me it's underrated elegance. I don't think ‘flash’. Bigger isn't better, better is better.” When she thinks of luxury two words come to mind: “quality and integrity.”

Ty said that the quality of the home, where it's located, how it's presented, and the caliber of construction are what make a home luxury. “It’s like a small Tiffany box versus a big jewelry store; quality not quantity.”

“Luxury homes offer clients ease of living through thoughtful and deliberate architectural strokes, grand geographic appointment, and elevated quality in finishes and design elements.”  

More commonly, luxury homes are defined by their unique (and typically expensive) features such as crown molding, wrought iron staircases, wine cellars and granite countertops; their proximity to golf courses and/or water (beaches, lakes and rivers) and yes, their price. Usually they are larger homes, say 5,000 square feet and bigger and reside on large lots.

Now to define a Luxury home is quite unique as you can see

My Experience in the Luxury Home Market

As a Luxury Home Specialist I have had the honor to represent some of the most impressive builders around Clark County. I have seen some amazing architecture, estates and designs that are breath-taking. 

I have spent 24 years here in Clark County working with the Luxury market. Rural estates to urban luxury living.  It takes a unique marketing system to achieve the high expectations of this highly specialized market.

1. Professional eye for photography, video tours and use of drone photography to enhance the nature of the amenities and bring out the beauty, lush designs for the luxury home buyers market. Every specific and unique custom amenity is brought to life by photography, well written scripts of the estate's lighting, flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, ceilings, counters, type of products used, heating, cooling, windows,and any added amenities that are considered a luxury item. Fireplaces, type of decking and overall outdoor specific items of special interest. In today's market energy is very important to list and notice. The type of roofing, exterior siding, wine cellars, workout rooms and the exquisite taste of the customized and well designed plan can play a huge part in luxury homes.

2. Signage is more extravagant. My Luxury homes all get a custom outdoor sign and professionally designed flyers. 

The advertising/marketing campaign is far more intense. I have to reach out to a more unique market in a wider range of the world.

Working with the Luxury market requires using the skill set of the market we are trying to entice by using all high end marketing products and networking with the brokers we know that are specialized in the field.

Appreciating what makes a Luxury home unique is key. How to reach the right target buyers market is what it takes. Knowing  the market, reaching out to the skilled and experienced brokers with key marketing materials. Print and web products.

I am very proud to be in this field. It is a joy to work with the Luxury Home market and know I have made a big difference with the skills I bring to the table.  Luxury Home Specialist... It's truly amazing to be a part of such an exciting field of Real Estate.  


I am a proud member of the Doorways to Luxury.  We have a very exclusive group of luxury home specialists that meet and network all of our luxury home listings. Tours, marketing campaigns. 






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Patricia Bergren
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